Tim's House

Tim's House

Tim's House is where the game's Worlds are located. Although there is no destinct indication in the game that the house is Tim's, this is highly assumed by fans of the game and thus it is known so. However, David Hellman also names it Tim's House on his blog. Just outside of the entrance (on left side of the house) to Tim's House there is a vista of the sky. Further left, there is a bridge in which Tim apparently begins his journey. In the background of the bridge there is a city engulfed in flames.


Tim's House is laid out in rooms. Rooms light up once Worlds in those rooms are unlocked, which is done by completing previous Worlds.


The first room is on the ground floor containing the doors to World 2 and 3. The first section, housing World 2, lights up upon Tim's first entrance of the house. The section housing World 3 lights up after World 2 is completed.

The second room is located on the far right of the house, and it contains the door to World 4. Worlds 4 and 5 become available after the completion of World 3. Completion of World 4 unlocks World 5 and 6.

The third room is on the bottom floor of the house, and it contains the doors to World 5 and 6. The bathroom is also on this floor which hints at an alternate control scheme for the game.

The final room, or the attic, is accessed via a ladder. This room contains the entrance to World 1. Initially, the final room is inaccessible due to the incomplete ladder. The ladder is restored by completing each of the paintings (5 total), one for each World, excluding the final one. A part of the ladder is recovered by collecting all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of each world and correctly putting it together.


Throughout Tim's House there are several canvases that are used to house the Puzzle Pieces; and when the puzzle is solved, a painting is formed. Each painting reflects its respected world, revolving around the content of the textbooks of that world.


Outside of Tim's house, the constellation Andromeda can be seen (including the actual Andromeda Galaxy).

Classic Andromeda depiction

The princess Andromeda is forever chained to a rock in the night sky. This could be a portrayal of Tim in relation to the Princess. A Galaxy apart yet always there.