World 1
Level 1-1: Braid
Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed Braid

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1-1: Braid is the last level of the game. It explains the elements of the game and the level has a story that can be seen backwards and in reality.

Interpretation Edit

The level starts with the knight coming down with The Princess. She escapes from the knight and starts running to the right side of the level. At the same time, a fire wall chases Tim. The two co-operate, pull the levers to allow each other to go further. When Tim reaches her house, he is suddenly locked away and all his moves are backwards, this showing that it is not how it really happened. When the player reverses time, what really happened can be seen. In reality, she was never trying to reach Tim and Tim was the evil monster she was trying to run away from. To prevent him reaching her, she uses a set of traps Tim could avoid. But in the end, she is rescued by the knight who was supposed to be the monster according to Tim.

An alternate ending of the game can be reached as well. For this, there are two ways: The player must collect the seven secret stars, thus making two of the levers unaffected by time. When the player reaches these and the levers are pulled, he or she can revert the time, the levers will stay pulled and Tim can reach the candalebra before The Princess. When it goes up, Tim can jump on it, reach the princess, thus making her explode with every other living thing on the level, excluding Tim. The second way doesn't need the stars but requires a perfect timing. After the princess explodes the player cannot control time until the player exits the level.

Making the princess explode makes the last star accessible but it doesn't appear when the other seven stars are not collected.

Solution Edit

Advancement to next level Edit

Regardless of the ending, Tim can use one of the doors at the beginning of the level to reach Level-Small-Epilogue.pngEpilogue.

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