Three Easy Pieces
World 2. Time and Forgiveness
Level 2-1: Three Easy Pieces
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Three Easy Pieces is the first level in Braid. It introduces the game's controls and provides simple obstacles. It also contains some Monstars and Cannons. It also has a 3 simple puzzle pieces, to make the player familiar with the game's playing style.

Puzzle Piece HintsEdit

Below are hints for obtaining each of the puzzle pieces.





The three pieces available in this level are collected backwards, i.e. the first piece that can be seen is the third piece of level and the third seen piece is the first piece of level. It is a possible reference of the backwards flow which is a characteristic of World 1.

The title, given the game's subtext, might also refer to Richard Feynman's book Six Easy Pieces.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Braid Lvl 2-1 Three Easy Pieces

Braid Lvl 2-1 Three Easy Pieces

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