Leap of Faith
World 2. Time and Forgiveness
Level 2-4: Leap of Faith
Par 1:05.00
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Leap of Faith is the fourth level in Braid and the last one in World 2. It introduces moving platforms, Claw and is the first level with a Greeter. It has 4 puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Piece HintsEdit

Below are hints for obtaining each of the puzzle pieces.






During one of his lectures Jonathan Blow stated[1]:

"The reason [the Leap of Faith level] exists is that that's one of the classic ideas of platformers. <...> Early platformers were unfair in certain ways. And one of them is: if you have to jump down a pit and see what's down there and consequently die before you know if you were supposed to go that way or before you know exactly where you were supposed to jump. <...> [In Braid] <...> the Leap of Faith level is there <...> as a statement that, hey, when you've got rewind like this, it's actually okay, you can kill the player all you want. <...> It doesn't really matter because this game isn't about whether you live or die, in fact, you have to die a few times to complete the game."


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