Braid II (Braid II: Rip Time a New One) is one of the annual illustrations for Game Informer's April Fools edition, "Game Infarcer", made by Zander Cannon. It is thought as a parody to the game by giving the game elements a more brutal look. The fake cover depicts Tim in commando-looking style accompanied by an aggressive bloodthirsty drooling stuffed Greeter which looks similar to Slowpoke. Tim wears a red Rambo-styled headband and a Cannon as a weapon. In the foreground there's a Venus Flytrap lying in it's own blood. The background depicts a huge ruining hourglass, an explosion, the spikes on fire, a mimic killed with a key and a monstar killed with a puzzle piece. At the top of the picure there is a constellation containing 13 stars, similar to one in front of the Tim's House, covered by the magazine's title.

Rip Time a New One Today!

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