There are 38 (including Level-Small-Epilogue.pngEpilogue) levels in Braid. In World 1 levels, while being placed in the Cloud Room in correct order, become accessible to play in reverse order.

World 2. Time and ForgivenessEdit

Level-2-1.png2-1: Three Easy Pieces
Level-2-2.png2-2: The Cloud Bridge
Level-2-3.png2-3: Hunt!
Level-2-4.png2-4: Leap of Faith

World 3. Time and MysteryEdit

Level-3-1.png3-1: The Pit
Level-3-2.png3-2: There and Back Again
Level-3-3.png3-3: Phase
Level-3-4.png3-4: The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Level-3-5.png3-5: Tight Channels
Level-3-6.png3-6: Irreversible
Level-3-7.png3-7: Lair
Level-3-8.png3-8: A Tingling

World 4. Time and PlaceEdit

Level-3-1.png4-1: The Pit
Level-4-2.png4-2: Jumpman
Level-4-3.png4-3: Just Out of Reach
Level-2-3.png4-4: Hunt!
Level-4-5.png4-5: Movement by Degrees
Level-4-6.png4-6: Movement, Amplified
Level-4-7.png4-7: Fickle Companion

World 5. Time and DecisionEdit

Level-3-1.png5-1: The Pit
Level-5-2.png5-2: So Distant
Level-5-4.png5-4: Crossing the Gap
Level-5-5.png5-5: Window of Opportunity
Level-3-7.png5-6: Lair
Level-5-7.png5-7: Fragile Companion

World 6. HesitanceEdit

Level-3-1.png6-1: The Pit?
Level-3-2.png6-2: There and Back Again
Level-3-3.png6-3: Phase?
Level-6-4.png6-4: Cascade
Level-6-5.png6-5: Impassible Foliage
Level-6-6.png6-6: Elevator Action
Level-6-7.png6-7: In Another Castle

World 1Edit

Level-1-1.png1-1: Braid



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