The Purple glow, is a variation of the fan named Green glow, that is affected by time manipulation in different way then characters with the green glow.


When Tim rewinds time, upon stopping he will spawn a shadow of himself that will repeat the events played out before Tim rewound time. Anything, with or without the purple glow will spawn shadows of their own and the shadow will walk on, defeat, or interact with in any way as if it was a normal object. enemys with the purple glow however, can be affected by shadow, and non shadow beings.

Usefulness in puzzle solvingEdit

Spawning a Shadow can help you solve unsolvable puzzles. For example: If you open a door to a puzzle piece, but another closes behind you, you can pull the purple glow lever, rewind time to before you did, and let the shadow pull it for you so you can procede. Note that a shadow cannot last for very long and you must rewind time and stop somewhat near the area you want the shadow to go. Rewinding time again will instantly erase all shadows previously made.