Puzzle pieces are found throughout the levels in each world. When all the puzzle pieces of a respected world are collected and put together, they form a painting. All puzzle pieces are required to reach World 1, the final world.

Puzzle pieces may represent Tim's fragmented memory. And as he collects them, he's able to piece together his past in hopes to discover the reason for his mistakes.


Tim can attempt to put a puzzle together if the player presses Up while underneath a canvas. Not all pieces are required to attempt a puzzle.

The player can move the hand with the directional keys or the mouse; grab a piece by holding down Shift or the Left Mouse Button; and rotate a piece by pressing the Spacebar or the Right Mouse Button. Pieces that are roughly in the correct position and rotation of each other when Shift is released will snap together.

Once the jigsaw puzzle is completed, the player must rotate it correctly and position it into the frame, if not already done.


Other than puzzle pieces, Stars are the only other collectible items in the game.