Braid stars

Stars are the only other collectibles in the game apart from Puzzle Pieces. There are a total of 8 stars in the game. When all stars are collected, the Andromeda constellation becomes visible and a picture of the chained maiden can be seen. For unknown reasons, stars don't show up in fan-made mods; they are only obtainable in the vanilla game.

The player can press and hold Up to focus on the chained maiden.

Stars may represent something Tim values and wants to obtain. Initially, he isn't quite sure what it is, but through the most difficult of challenges, he is able to acquire all of the stars. To his surprise, he's been chasing after The Princess all along. Although she is as clear as the night sky, she is ever so distant and just out of reach.


Stars are located in the following locations:

Obtaining the final star, located in Level-Small-1-1.pngBraid, can be done easily after collecting the other seven stars. It is possible to obtain it without collecting the others first, however, doing so is very hard.


Braid stars
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