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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This is the {{Level}} template used to add typical "picture-text" appearance to levels links.

Usage example

{{Level|image=Level-Small-2-1.png|link=2-1: Three Easy Pieces|caption=Three Easy Pieces|size=32}}

Three Easy Pieces


The size option defines size of the image. It's an optional parameter. Its default value equals 16 pixels.

The imageclass and imagestyle parameters are not necessary and may be used to override class and/or style of image, respectively. The class and style parameters may be used to override class and/or style of the whole template.

If the link parameter isn't specified, there won't be any link on image or label.

If the caption parameter isn't specified, the label becomes Unnamed. For example:



See Also

  • {{Lvl}}, a shorthand version of {{Level}}

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