World 3's painting

World 3, Time and Mystery, is the second world in Braid. It introduces Green Glow objects which provide both Obstacles and solutions outside of normal time flow.

World MechanicEdit

World 3 takes place in a jungle at sunset and is a reintroduction to more complex puzzles: It mainly introduces green glowing objects that are not affected by time manipulation. Note that time manipulation is now required to solve most puzzles.


Level-3-1.png3-1: The Pit
Level-3-2.png3-2: There and Back Again
Level-3-3.png3-3: Phase
Level-3-4.png3-4: The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Level-3-5.png3-5: Tight Channels
Level-3-6.png3-6: Irreversible
Level-3-7.png3-7: Lair
Level-3-8.png3-8: A Tingling



      All those years ago, Tim had left the Princess behind. He had kissed her on the neck, picked up his travel bag, and walked out the door. He regrets this, to a degree. Now he's journeying to find her again, to show he knows how sad it was, but also to tell her how it was good.


      For a long time, he thought they had been cultivating the perfect relationship. He had been fiercely protective, reversing all his mistakes so they would not touch her. Likewise, keeping a tight rein on her own mistakes, she always pleased him.


      But to be fully couched within the comfort of a friend is a mode of existence with severe implications. To please you perfectly, she must understand you perfectly. Thus you cannot defy her expectations or escape her reach. Her benevolence has circumscribed you, and your life's achievements will not reach beyond the map she has drawn.


      Tim needed to be non-manipulable. He needed a hope of transcendence. He needed, sometimes, to be immune to the Princess's caring touch.


      Off in the distance, Tim saw a castle where the flags flutter even when the wind has expired, and the bread in the kitchen is always warm. A little bit of magic.


The painting shows a man holding up a glass of red wine in a toast.

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