World 5's painting

World 5, Time and Decision, is the fourth world in Braid.

World MechanicEdit

World 5 involves a "shadow" of the player character appearing after the player rewinds time and performing the actions that the real player character rewound; if the timeline expires, the shadow will complete any initiated falls and jumps but will otherwise stand still before disappearing. Things coloured in violet can interact both with the main character and its shadow at the same time. Puzzles in this section revolve around using this mechanic to carry out multiple actions at once.


Level-3-1.png5-1: The Pit
Level-5-2.png5-2: So Distant
Level-5-4.png5-4: Crossing the Gap
Level-5-5.png5-5: Window of Opportunity
Level-3-7.png5-6: Lair
Level-5-7.png5-7: Fragile Companion



      She never understood the impulses that drove him, never quite felt the intensity that, over time, chiseled lines into his face. She was never quite close enough to him — but he held her as though she were, whispered into her ear words that only a soul mate should receive.


      Over the remnants of dinner, they both knew the time had come. He would have said: “I have to go find the Princess,” but he didn't need to. Giving a final kiss, hoisting a travel bag to his shoulder, he walked out the door.

      Through all the nights that followed, she still loved him as though he had stayed, to comfort her and protect her, Princess be damned.

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